Criminal Conspiracy – Proof of

In Mir Nagvi Askari v. CBI, (2009) 15 SCC 643, it was ruled that while drawing an inference from the materials brought on record to arrive at a finding as to whether the charge of criminal conspiracy had been proved or not, it must be borne in mind that a conspiracy is hatched in secrecy and it is difficult, to obtain direct evidence to establish the same.

In Mohd. Amin v. CBI, (2008) 15 SCC 49, it was held as under:

“That for proving a charge of conspiracy, it is not necessary that all the conspirators know each and every detail of the conspiracy so long as they are co-participators in the main object of conspiracy. It is also not necessary that all the conspirators should participate from the inception of conspiracy to its end. If there is unity of object or purpose, all participating at different stages of the crime will be guilty of conspiracy.” Harpal Singh v. State of Punjab, (2017) 1 SCC 734.